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Medical Equipment and Consumer Goods Plant was founded in early 90s based as a manufacturer division of Khrunichev State Space Research, Science and Manufacturing Center with the purpose of application of space technologies to manufacturing of medical equipment:
– monoplace oxygen chambers for hyperbaric oxygen facilities,
– hypobaric hypoxia treatment and patients’ resuscitation.

Existence of an advanced technological base and highly qualified personnel allowed to develop and to organize in shortest possible time serial manufacturing of such a medical equipment as hypo/hyperbaric oxygen chambers of BLKS family:
BLKS–303 MK, BLKS–307–Khrunichev.

Conducted certification of medical equipment and certification of the manufacturing process in authorized international centers allowed to register it in national health care regulatory institutions of such countries as USA, Brazil, Australia, Greece, Turkey, South Korea, Argentina, Panama and others.



Medical Equipment. Hypobaric/Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers.

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Medical Equipment and Consumer Goods Plant

Khrunichev Medical Plant was founded as a manufacturer of high quality medical equipment: hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

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Quality Control of medical equipment

As the manufacturer of medical equipment (hyperbaric oxygen chambers) we guarantee safeteness of medical vessels of all existing types.

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Medical Equipment. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers.

The medical equipment is intended to be used at hyperbaric oxygenation department, resuscitation department and hypobaric hypoxia department of medical centers: Hyperbaric Therapy Chamber BLKS-303MK, Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Chamber BLKS-307-«Khrunichev».

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International contacts

During several years our hyperbaric oxygen chambers have been successfully operated in many countries and of course in Russia and former Soviet Union.

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June 21 - 23  45rd UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting.
Venue:   J.W.Marriot Desert Ridge Resort&Spa, Phoenix, Arizona.

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